Saudi Arabia: the land blessed by Allah

The locals are sure that their homeland is a true paradise.

Closed for many, this country attracts billions of believers because of its sacred sights. The center of their religion is Mecca, where Muslims go during their pilgrimage, called the Hajj, to the «Black Stone» located in the square of the Great Mosque. The country guide states that about half a billion people are on the way here every day.Another holy city of Saudi Arabia is Medina, the «City of the Prophet». Here, the whole world knew the holy commandments of Islam. Now it's a well-developed metropolis, but pilgrims are still eager to visit this holy land. As for the capital, Riyadh, here tourists can see such landmarks as The Murabba Palace, The Al Faisaliyah Centre skyscraper, the 99-storey Burj Al-Mamlaka, and King Abdullah Park.As you can see on the map of the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia is bounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf from one side and the waters of the Red Sea from another. The local beaches are very clean and have everything you would need for a quality leisure time. Also, here you can dive with a scuba and see the most beautiful coral reef on the planet, go for a sail on a boat or a yacht, or just go fishing. The most popular places among those who love to relax on a beach are located in Jeddah. The main spa resorts are also located here.As for transport, most tourists use local buses which ply around the Kingdom's most visited cities.

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