Belgium – a country à la Renaissance

This country is famous for its medieval cities and architectural ensembles.

One look at the beautifully decorated guilds and intricate buildings of Brussels is enough to fall in love with this city. The country guide will strongly advise you to visit the capital's Grand Place, a square included into the UNESCO World Heritage List; The Royal Museums of Fine Arts; the Comic Strip Center; Walibi Amusement Park – and, of course, to try the world-renowned Belgium chocolate. Among other landmarks, you can also find the famous bronze fountain “The Peeing Boy”. According to one of the related legends, in the 17th century, a local kid saved the city from fire in exactly that way. Not far away from it, also in Brussels, exist the Peeing Girl and The Peeing Dog, as curious symbols of unity and equality.Belgium is a multinational country, and its regions significantly differ in both their look and language: for example, in Flanders, people speak Dutch, and in Wallonia, they speak French. Popular places among tourists are Bruges, Ghent, Liège, and Antwerp. In these cities, you can find many medieval castles, themed museums, and architectural landmarks.On the map of Belgium, you can also find resorts. The most famous one is Ostend where you can come to rest and relax virtually any time of the year thanks to the special system of indoor water parks. In these parks, they use an imitation of real oceanic waves and sunbeams, so you can swim, get a suntan and even surf there, while living in on of the local villas.Getting around Belgium is possible via intercity trains, buses, as well as water transport.

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