Lancaster Railway Station (LAN)

Train Station
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Kate H
14 month ago
This station gets really cold. Bring a jacket!
Michelle at J
97 month ago
The team in Costa Coffee are always very friendly and helpful. I've always had great service!
Connie H
99 month ago
Ideal for catching trains
Roger D
102 month ago for live departure and arrivals....saves being sat in car park waiting and texting on four square!
Kenny D
112 month ago
The staff on the platforms are friendly and very helpful
Tom B
112 month ago
Avoid using the vending machines on the platform. £1.65 for a bottle of Coke! If you're walking in from the centre of Lancaster there is a cheap newsagents just before Merchants- use that instead.
Keef B
114 month ago
This is Lancaster, this is Lancaster. Change here for Bare Lane and Morecambe!!!
Francis H
116 month ago
Got a few minutes before your train arrives? Merchants pub (good food too) just up the road. Head east out of station area. It's on the left about 200-300 yards away. Underground type cellar.
Simon B
121 month ago
Get a drink in costa, it can get a bit cold on the platform
Richard S
125 month ago
There's a little corner shop just outside. Go out of platform 3 side, turn right at the top of the hill then left just after the car park entrance. About 3 mins walk. It's cheaper than the station.