Lynx Central Station

Bus Station
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Yaniris P
84 month ago
If you don't eat no meat at all try the veggie burger its delicious
j u
88 month ago
You can planing your travel with google maps, but take the map for your route
Camilo E
93 month ago
Got on a bus where someone had thrown up, and we waited for the next one.
Camilo E
93 month ago
Buses are almost always late. Drivers are rude. Get an all day pass and expect delays.
94 month ago
Free wifi while you wait for the bus
94 month ago
If you are going to the Florida mall or the Osceola mall from the terminal in the weekday morning, take the 441 express. Leaves on the half hour.
James Y
97 month ago
Have to go to the bathroom after 10PM? To bad. Restrooms close at ten.
Christopher B
97 month ago
2million dollar grant and instead of more bus routes we get an air conditioned eye sore with locked doors.
Augusta L
98 month ago
Friendly reminder to let disabled persons take the front seats so that they don't have to awkwardly stand and try to maneuver their walkers, canes, crutches, etc.--i.e., don't let your kids sprawl out
Alex F
100 month ago
Very nice transit center- clean & orderly. Possible SunRail train service here by 2015. Be on the lookout for homeless people asking for money/cigs & be vigilant; don't give them any