Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal

Bus Station
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Nicholas O
21 month ago
The taxi drivers are competing for customers, which can be annoying, but if you tell them you want the bus to somewhere, in my experience they’re happy to tell you where to go
5 B
28 month ago
A station connect Yangon with others cities in Myanmar(Mandalay,Bagan,Inle) but infrastructure too bad,road terrible.Many private bus companies serve you(best choices are JJExpress or Elite)
5 B
28 month ago
Bến xe thủ đô mà như bến xe chợ huyện,bụi bặm,đông đúc.Nên đi JJExpress cho lành,free cafe,lên xe phát thẻ hành lí bằng sắt cho khách.Vip lounge có wifi và bán cafe ở tầng 2
Simon O
48 month ago
Leave your hostel/hotel on time, especially if you have to catch an overnight bus. The bus station is far away and traffic can be really bad in the evening/late afternoon.
Htet A
87 month ago
When I get off from the city bus, men/women who work for car companies approach to go with him /her to ride on their buses. They don't even get it my polite denial not to follow them. Very annoying.
Hein_Lin_Aung [
89 month ago
Very crowded & sometimes you may lose your way while finding the express you'll get in.
Pedro A
95 month ago
very messy and confusing.... there are many companies and each company has their own terminal
Mark V
100 month ago
ใหญ่ยิ่งกว่าหมอชิต ถ้าไม่ให้รถจากที่ขายตั๋วรับมา หาท่ารถเราลำบากแน่ๆ
  • Thu Dhammar Road, Mingaladon, Yangon Region, Myanmar, GPS: 16.931438,96.15852