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407 Libbie Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226, United States, GPS: 37.574894,-77.51757

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Plato's Closet

9127 W Broad St (TJ Maxx Shopping Center), Henrico County, VA 23294, United States, GPS: 37.635918,-77.55156
  • Credit Cards

Plato's Closet is all about being fashion savvy and shopping smart. We're part of a nationwide unique recycling retail store specializing in clothes for teens and twenty somethings- we buy and sell the latest looks in clothing and accessories from the hottest brand name designers for girls and guys.


6223 River Rd, Richmond, VA 23229, United States, GPS: 37.568752,-77.537384

Shop our modern classic signature looks and shoes now offered in petite and misses sizes.

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