National Academy for the Performing Arts (South Campus)

Performing Arts Venue
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Arie S
85 month ago
Has really good musicals and plays for schools to attend especially for your drama class . great convenience if you live in south.
Oscar P
88 month ago
Great view, performance, sound, ac, everything. Just amazed. Get there early to get pstking
Lucien L
90 month ago
Wear warm clothing, or carry a shawl.
Ree-An A
95 month ago
The little Theatre is unbearably cold! It'd do you well to throw on a blazer; fashion AND function - good to go!
Elizabeth M
100 month ago
Very nice theatre with professional staff at all times. Finally a space in South well manned for the arts!
Design Vibez
103 month ago
If you manage to catch an aerial view of NAPA's South Campus, you might notice that the modern architectural design is inspired by a G-clef musical symbol.
  • Todd St. (at Rienzi Kirton Hwy.), San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, GPS: 10.267188,-61.465103