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The Co-operative Food - Mackworth

69 Prince Charles Avenue, Mackworth, Derbyshire, DE22 4BG, United Kingdom, GPS: 52.92841,-1.5177845

An ethical, member-owned convenience supermarket, proud to serve local communities across the country. From Huddersfield right down to Halesworth, we're dedicated to making life easier for our members, shoppers and local neighbours.

Blagreaves Library

Blagreaves Lane, Derbyshire, DE23 1PT, United Kingdom, GPS: 52.888535,-1.5000093
  • Wi-Fi

Services offered include books in standard and large print, newspapers and magazines, audiobooks, ebooks, access to the internet and email, Word processing and other Microsoft Office applications, Citizenship course and practice tests available on computers, Photocopier and Fax machine.

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  • 59 Park
  • 14 Fitness Centre
  • 11 Library
  • 5 Nightclub
  • 4 Theatre

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