Ute Trail Motel

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Roslyn F
104 month ago
Get the discount Hot Sulphur Springs tickets here! It's cheaper than staying at their resort and further away from the noisy train tracks
Loren L
108 month ago
$55-65 per night. Clean, rustic, charming. My second time staying here & much cheaper than staying at hotel on grounds of the hot springs. Much quieter since the train goes right by the hot springs
Sarah B
112 month ago
You can bring your dog for an extra $10. If you need to plug in more than one phone bring your own power strip.
Sarah B
112 month ago
Save a few bucks at the sulphur springs and buy your day pass at the front desk here.
Helen H
124 month ago
Super small older hotel. Loved my stay. Owner was great. Would stay again no problem.
  • 120 Byers Ave, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451, United States, GPS: 40.07299,-106.09965
  • (970) 725-0123