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Le Loup Blanc Des Orres

Situated in Les Orres, Le Loup Blanc Des Orres provides accommodation with a kitchen. Complimentary WiFi is offered.

Hôtel L'Escale Blanche

Located in the centre of Les Orres ski station, Hôtel L'Escale Blanche is 50 metres away from the nearest ski lift. It offers rooms with views of the surrounding ski slopes or on the valley of Lake Serre-Ponçon.

Hôtel Les Écrins

Situated at the foot of ski slopes in the heart of Les Orres ski station, Les Ecrins is in the no-car zone of the station. It offers free Wi-Fi, a bar and a buffet dinner at the restaurant. For an additional fee guests can also relax in the sauna.

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