गेस्टहाउस आसपास Mancha Real

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Cortijos El Encinar

Set in the Sierra Magina Nature Reserve, Cortijos El Encinar includes 4 independent country houses with a garden and terrace and shared pool. The property is located in the small town of Torres.

Casa Jurinea

Casa Jurinea is in Andalucía’s Sierra de Mágina Nature Reserve, 40 minutes’ drive from Jaén. It offers villas with a private pool and great views of the mountains and cherry orchards.

Casa Rural La Cateta

Located in the Andalusian countryside, 20 minutes’ drive from Mancha Real, Casa Rural La Cateta features 2 houses with a private terrace and a shared outdoor swimming pool. 1 house features 1 bedroom and the other one, 2 bedrooms.

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