Burger King

Fast Food Restaurant
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Becky L
75 month ago
Big interior kids play area that's in good shape. One day is freezing, the next day is boiling hot, though.
William D
88 month ago
Check your drive thru order CAREFULLY before driving away. If they got your order wrong, and you discover it after you get home, you have to drive back to get things fixed.
William D
96 month ago
If you ask me if i want straws, and I say yes, please GIVE ME THE DAMN STRAWS.
William D
101 month ago
And they F'd up the order again...
James H
112 month ago
$9.35 for a whopper meal and they still can't get it right! Pay employees better and the quality goes way up!!
Jeff T
113 month ago
Nice to see they're finally stepping up their game while McDonald's is closed for remodeling.
Jennifer S
115 month ago
They would get so much more business if they were open after bar close, especially Fri and Sat night. Come onnnn...
Jeff T
119 month ago
Pretty much expected that they will screw something up. Food is always hot and fresh, but check your bag before driving away. Just because you bought a 5pc French toast doesn't mean you won't get 4pcs
Michael K
120 month ago
DONT Eat here just watched the cook scratch his balls and keep on cooking!
  • 3460 150th St W, Rosemount, MN 55068, United States, GPS: 44.731297,-93.13484
  • (651) 423-6567
  • http://www.bk.com
  • Mon–Wed, Sun 6:30 AM–11:00 AM
    Thu–Sat 6:30 AM–11:00 PM