Bruno's Kuafor

Salon / Barbershop
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Burcu Ç
101 month ago
This salon is amazing! Hair cut and colour is exactly what I wanted. They are very professional and friendly. Price fantastic, especially for dye if from abroad. Silk eyelash extensions USD 75!
''cAner T
101 month ago
Gayet güler yüz ve profosyonel ekibiyle saç kesimi yapılırken internette rahatca kullanabiliyorsunuz fiyatlarıda uygun. Rahatlıkla tercih edilecek bir mekan
Marwa K
101 month ago
TERRIBLE!!! Don't go there. They thinned my hair while cutting it and I was left with strands and then burned it when they blow dried it. Stay away from them.
Grace F
110 month ago
It's only 20 TL for a blow dry. Ecstatic.
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