Museum of Socialist Art (Музей на социалистическото изкуство)

History Museum
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Sander Z
21 month ago
Great parc with statues of the communist era. Inside propaganda posters and paintings. Small souvenirshop but not really souvenirs. 3 stations by subway to centre.
Richard W
21 month ago
Interesting posters and paintings and outside sculpture parc, but rather small souvenirshop without real souvenirs. Yugoslav Museum in Belgrade is much better.
Gonzalo A
37 month ago
Out of the way and underwhelming
Karin G
37 month ago
Most of the museum is outdoors, so cone on a sunny day.
Chris R
40 month ago
Art could do with some curating, take a stroll around the park.
Lee S
46 month ago
A scrapyard of soviet monuments that have lost their original homes.
Dan M
57 month ago
Absolutely superb museum which shows you in an unjudgemental way much of the art associated with the communist propaganda machine. Very challenging and well laid out.
Stefano M
61 month ago
Già visto due volte!
Okan D
70 month ago
Lots of statues from communist era. Communist propaganda posters which are inside the building are very interesting. For this place you will spend at most 1 hour.
Suéli G
81 month ago
Nice museum. Maybe the only place in Sofia where you can see communist statues preserved.
  • ул. Лъчезар Станчев 7, 1125 Sofia, Bulgaria, GPS: 42.668037,23.359507
  • +359 2 902 1802
  • Tue–Sun 10:00 AM–5:30 PM