Avenue of Stars (星光大道)

Monument / Landmark
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Yarn L
22 month ago
Newly renovated and now with hand prints installed of HK and Chinese movie stars along the boardwalk railing. Nice view of Victoria Harbour and not overly crowded so can get decent pics.
Anna S
26 month ago
Already re-open, nice for morning and afternoon walk or having cup of drink while sitting along the river. Light show at 8pm but not spectacular, hopes there will be more building participated
Emre K
27 month ago
Hong Kong un muazzam şehir manzarası ve harika yürüyüş yolu tabii ki de akşam gelinmeli saat sekizdeki ışık ve lazer gösterisi izlenmeli.
Angeline T
35 month ago
Come here for the perfect view of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and for the symphony of light show daily. You can also visit the hand prints of celebrities.
Magdalena M
47 month ago
Best place for capturing the HK panorama and light show (every day at 8:00pm)
Evonne's T
67 month ago
For youngster,you may direct walk till end of Avenue of Stars for Anita Mui/Bruce Lee's statue,handprint & signature of 80-90s movie stars.Earlier was from 60s and most of youngster dont know them.
72 month ago
九龍半島の南端、Victoria Harbour沿いに約1kmにわたって伸びる尖沙咀(Tsim Sha Tsui)の遊歩道に、香港映画の発展に貢献した映画人たちに敬意を表し、記念のモニュメントが並んでいます。香港映画の歴史に触れることが出来き、ブルースリーの銅像やスター達の手形などが飾られています。Victoria Harbourの眺望も素晴らしいです。
Ksenia B
76 month ago
It's a great place for walking and enjoying the beautiful skyline of HK. Full of tourists all over the world and a bit crowdy. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in Starbuks facing the Bay.
Tomek W
80 month ago
A very relaxing walk and the crowd is very gentle. Family friendly, with some coffee shops and snacks along the way. Can take a few hours and there is plenty to see at both ends. Bring a camera. :)
Moritz B
90 month ago
Enjoy the view in the evening, do not miss the Bruce Lee statue nor the current daily laser show over the skyline on the other side (at 20:00 p.m.).